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Hey, Guest!
Welcome to iDoom's website!

iDoom is a Guild for the game Forsaken World produced by the famous Perfect World Entertainment Inc.

We are open for all aspects of the Forsaken World experience!
From PvE, PvP, PvPvE all the way to World Boss raids.

We value our ability to play decisively as a team and strive to be a guild that can be 
proud of integrity, equality and honour.

Our members come from various ethnic backgrounds and countries.
Although most of us are from Europe we welcome players from all nationalities, this is done in order to exemplify that we are not an exclusive clan predefined to a specific region but instead favor players through their skills and ability to perform well as a team in situations that can be very stressing and don't leave much room for mistakes.


For players interested in joining iDoom guild, we have some base requirements that must be met in order to join try-outs. 
Once you have become a member we will treat you as such and expect you to do so in return to fellow guild members.

Requirements for membership.
Be capable of typing in understandable English, as we understand that
communication is the essence of a successful guild.
Must be capable of joining Team-Speak & participating within.
[We do not require you to speak, but we do require you to listen as it improves PvP/Instance performance drastically.]
A friendly attitude toward fellow legionaries as well as outsiders.
[iDoom is not interested in spreading reputation through irritation & childish remarks. We encourage competitive attitudes, but know your line.]
Must have at least a good understanding of the mechanics of the game in question, while we do support new players we are not interested in being your walking encyclopedia of Forsaken World knowledge.
[In short, have some experience.]
iDoom does under no circumstances condone any kind of immoral/illegal behavior. 
[Any guild member discovered, Scamming, Hacking and or cheating in any other shape or form will immediately be removed from the guild without warning.]

Furthermore we expect members to be individuals of integrity and motivation with a healthy spirit toward comradeship & socializing. We are a team, we will work as a team. If you are not interested in teamwork or prefer going solo, iDoom is not for you.
Although commitment and effort will be rewarded we don't expect players to give up their real life for a game
and therefore we won't kick members because they weren't online for a short period of time.
[In case of prolonged absence please contact a officers with information regarding or we will assume you may have quit!]

We will kick you if you do not contribute any guild reserve, merit or contribution point for guild!!!

Please note that visiting the website and forums for guild updates and events is mandatory!

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